Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just a second.....

Good golly, I haven't been here since early Nov! It has been a busy time for me.
I wanted to post my latest socks and a pair of gloves I made.
The socks are HPKY in LaBoheme. Done ML, toe up, sewn cast off. I did 2 socks at once using both ends of the ball. I have approximately 1/3 of the ball left.
These are the January sockamania socks and were a fun knit. Even though it was hard to make myself drop the stitches when told to do so.
Just ignore the large bruise on my shin. I fell at my son's when I went down to feed his dogs on Jan 12. His porch was frosted and when I stepped up one foot went forward and the other backward and OOPS I am sitting there crying. Of course he was not home or I would not have been there to feed his dogs, and D was not home and where he was he has no cell service. So I had no choice but to walk home. They live just down over the hill from D and me so I never drive there, just walk. Did you notice that I said "down over the hill"? Yep, I had to gimp back up the hill to get home. I made it, nothing is broken just bruised and sore as heck.

These are my alpaca gloves that I made. They were to be for my daughter but I just knew that one of her dogs would eat them so I decided to keep them. They are really gorgeous and soft and warm. I will have to get D to take a picture of them on my hands. This pic really does not do them justice.
See part of my Saint Bernard collection behind the gloves? I love Saints. My Saint is 8 1/2 years old and the love of my life. I have about 30 or so stuffed Saints. Some sing, some dance, and one even breathes. LOL. My fave is the two that sing "I've Got You Babe." They are really a hoot. (All the guys here in the office think I am crazy but since I write the payroll they put up with me.)

Better get back to work.