Thursday, July 17, 2008

Foot Update

My foot is VERY sore and they can't seem to find a pain pill to help me. Hubs is on his way to the pharmacy to get me some new "drugs" to see if they will help.
All went really well with the surgery and I went back to the doctor this morning and he is pleased with the foot. I am very unstable on the crutches and have fallen onto it a few times but I have done no damage. He wants me to use a walker some as I am not doing well with the crutches.
Last evening I had gone out on the front porch to watch "our" owls. (We haved two or three owls out in our trees and they fly down into our front yard. It is a novelty to us even though we are out in the country. I want pictures of them.) I went on down to the sidewalk so I could see, which I couldn't, it was to dusky. When I was coming back up the steps to come back inside I somehow just went down, fast and hard. I went face first so I managed to keep my injured foot up and out of the way and I kept telling hubs and my MIL that I had not hit my foot. I just tore all the skin off of my left knee and skinned and scraped my right arm and hand, but I will survive.
My doctor sent me back to therapy for new crutches as he said the ones that I had were too long/high for me. They tried to get me some others but I am just a weird height and it was not possible. I am 5'1" and if they set the crutches to 5'1" they are too short and 5'2" they are too high. I guess I will just have to deal with it, or use the walker.
Enough whining. I am going back to my couch to lie down again. Remember me in your prayers.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Foot

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 I have my bunion taken care of. Before I went to the doctor about it I thought that a bunion was just a calcium bump on your big toe bones. I know better now. It is actually a malformation of the bone and is hereditary. My Granny and my Mom both had/have bunions and I got "lucky" enough to inherit them.

These are my Celtic Cable Heel socks from Sockamania. You can't really see the cables in this photo. (I really need to work on my picture taking ability, or lack thereof)

These are made of YarnSmith's Silk Soc. They are 70% nylon and 3% silk. They feel just heavenly. They were knit ML toe up.

It is after 11 pm and my "babies" meatloaf breakfast just finished baking so I had better toddle off to bed and get a bit of sleep before I have to rise and shine in the morning.

I'll check back in in a day or two.

Everyone have a good one.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Knitters Connection

I am finally going to post pictures of the yarn stash adder-toer that I got at Knitters Connection and a FO or two.
The Knitters Connection (KC)was a few weeks ago but I just have not taken the time to post about it. I went on Friday to the Market. I was unable to go to any classes, but next year I am going to do the "Whole Kit & Caboodle".

This was the yarn that I bought at the market. Of course I had to get some more Tofutsies. I just love that yarn. Yes, it is splitty to knit with but it feels so good going through my fingers and it is just wonderful on my feet. It also seems to be holding up just great.The burgundyie yarn in front is a handpainted called Yummy (I have not details with me as I am in a hotel room in VA and the yarn is back at home. All I have is the pictures. )
The browns in the back left corner is Austerman, the one with Aloe in it. I have never knit with this but I am looking forward to using it.
The one in the middle is Saucony. It is a cotton/nylon blend. It feels greats but again I have never used to so I am looking forward it using it.
The burgundy/black/white/gray in the other corner I can't remember what it is but it is a sock yarn and is wool.
I'll give details on all of these when I knit them up and have FOs.

This is my wonderful find. It is 100% Baby Alpaca. I plan to make a sumptuious cardigan out of it. Just as soon as I find the pattern that yells at me, "I am the one!!"

I bought 24 ounces of this and really hope that that is enough to make a cadigan. It is not a worsted but is heavier than a sport so there is going to be a lot of swatching going on. It is just so gloriously soft and it will be so warm this winter. I want to make a cardigan because I can wear that more than a pullover. I am always so cold in the winter that I wear a lot of cardigans. Anyone have an absolutely fabulous pattern that I could try?

Now to the yarn I got in my KC membership bags. Well, one bag was mine and the other I got for my hubby so that he could give it to me. He goes to KC with me so I decided to get him a membership also since there is way more yarn in the bags than the $10 it costs. This year, one of the skeins in the bag was $15.95!! I know because I bought one at the Market.

This bag was deemed to be "hubby's" bag as it had more manly colors in it. LOL

Notice that there is a skein of Saucon in this bag? Yay!
The brown variagated skein in the middle is Claudia Hand Painted Yarn. It is a nice yarn to make socks out of. You will see a pinks in my bag that has already been used to make socks. Picture later.
At this point I am not sure what I will use all of them for, but I will find something. They are too nice to let languish in the yarn stash. It may take me a year or more, but they are all nice yarns so I will find them a knitted home.

This is MY bag. It was really great. There were 2 skeins of sock yarn!! That is a treat because with sock yarn if you have 100 grams you are there. The others you have to look for a small pattern to use them.
There is another skein of Saucon in the green and the black and brown is Lang Jawoll.
The small pink skein is Claudia Hand Painted Yarns. I took it and a VERY SMALL skein that I got last year at KC and made a pair of short socks.
The offwhite is an alpaca blend but I just forgot the brand. I think it may be Berrocco, not sure. I should have done this post at home where I could have looked at the yarns and had all the info I needed. Oh, well.

These are the socks made out of the Claudia from this year and last year. The toe/heel was made from a mini skein that I got last year that is called BabyGirl and the foot/leg is called Strawberry Latte. When I finished them I had about 18" of Strawberry Latte and 4 yds of Baby Girl left. THAT is why they are so short, but that is ok. I like them for wearing with my tennis shoes for walking or bike riding.
They are Sockamania Rainforest pattern designed by Anni. It was a fun and fast knit. I started knitting these on June 19 and finished them on June 24. I cannot believe that I made a pair of socks in that short of a time. I usually do good to finish up a pair in a month, let alone 5 DAYS!!!! I still can hardly believe it.

I actually managed to finish 2 compete pair of socks and reknit the leg on another pair last month. Maybe I am finally beginning to pick up some speed knitting Continental. I have only been knitting Con. for about a year now, so I knew it would slow me down.

These socks are out of the Tofutsies that I bought at KC. I did them in Tidal Wave pattern. It took me about a week to do these. I just don't know what has gotten into me. I am just a whiz at the needles all of a sudden. Think any of it could be because hubby has been traveling for work and I go with him and because he has the truck with him and we are out in the back of beyond I spend the day in the hotel room. (As a matter of fact the room that we were in last week is a whole post in itself. I'll try to do that one later today.)
I'll finish this rather long (for me) and picturey post with a mug shot of my special kitty, Cole.
He is so much MY cat and I am HIS mommy. He is so jealous of the other cats getting near me and even somewhat jealous of Katie . He is a rotten little sweetheart and a beauty to boot.