Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Let It Snow??

Well, we might as well go ahead and let is snow. We can't stop it. It is the time of year to start getting some. So.....

Tonight is Tuesday so it is "knit night" but since that starts at 6 and the snow is supposed to start at 6 I am not sure any of the girls will make it out or not. Time will tell. I have the pot of chili cooking so if they make it I can warm their tummies.

I hope some can make it as we are to decorate the shop this evening for our Grand Re-Opening this Friday. If they can't it will still get done, just not quite as much or as nice. I'll do my best.

Back to work for a bit. See ya later.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It is official....

I finally set an official opening date for the yarn shop.  It is going to be Black Friday, Nov. 29.  Granted I am not opening until 2 in the afternoon but that is the date.  Now I just have to hustle to get every little thing done that is not done so far. 
I work better under pressure. LOL.
There isn't really THAT much left to do but it is the little nicety that seem to take so much time to do them up just right.  I am sure I will still be working on the shop months after it is open but that is just me.  I want it to be just perfect, which can't really ever happen, but as close as I can get it. 
I need to take some pix and post them.  No one reads this but still I will do it.  I just can't seem to post from my phone.  If I could it would be no problem.  Hmm, let me give it one more try.
Maybe I'll be right back with a new post and pictures.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We Are Open.......Well sort of

I unofficially opened the yarn shop last Monday.  Then Tuesday night some of our "Knit Night" gals came over to help me stock the shelves.  We did not get it all done.
I worked on it off and on this past week and it is still not done. 

We will be having Knit Night again Tuesday.  Hoping they will be willing to help out a bit more.  I have a problem in that I have more yarn that I have shelf space.  Going to have to put some in totes and bring it out later.

Still not advertising done.  Any ideas?

Soon as I figure out how to post from my phone I will put some pictures up on here so I can see them.  LOL

Til next time.