Monday, December 29, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas and Early Happy New Year.

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. I did. I was at home and had my kids and family around me.
I love Christmas, the reason for it, the family gathering, all the wonderful food, the decorating, the songs and movies, just all of it.

I used to start playing Christmas carols in Aug and start my holiday cookie baking in Sept. I would bake dozens of cookies of all kinds. Then the kids grew up, D developed hypoglycemia, and I just don't need the calories so I have all but stopped baking for Christmas. This year I baked a couple of "packages" of store cookies. I really cheated. Oh, well.

D and I are back here in VA. We will be here all week so the kids are on duty at home taking care of things.
My son called this morning to see if my cell phone was working because theirs were not working back in Ohio. Then my daughter called to see if Crit the RoboHamster had died. He is not in his cage. Nope, he had not died as of yesterday. Guess they are now tearing the office apart trying to find him. I hope they do. Crit is a little cutie and so soft to pet.

It is almost time to go on my daily "food forage" to get dinner tonight. I think I will fix pork chops for dinner tonight. I also think I will try Shake-N-Bake on them. Hope it turns out ok. D's Grandma always used to use Shake-N-Bake. Grandma also always would unthaw things for dinner. I'll fix a baked potato. a veggie, and a biscuit for us. I'll see what "package" cookies they have to bake. Hey, I don't have a mixer down here to make my own (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it LOL).

D and I will be here for New Years so I have to come up with something special for Wed evening. Some easy to prepare snacks. I told D to ask the project manager if he wanted to eat with us Wed evening since he will be away from his wife and he and Dale have become good friends. This is the 3rd job that they have worked together on.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a great 2009. God Bless.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Going home...

Yesterday we made the trip back down here to VA thinking that we would be here until Christmas Eve, then have to turn around and come back down here Christmas night. Well, they didn't get some kind of dig permit so we get to go home in the morning and don't have to be back for him to work Friday. Hooray!!!
Now I should be packing up everything to leave in the morning but I am not. I will get it done. I am the one who does all of the packing and usually I even pack it into the van. I seem to be able to pack in more than D can. I have the knack I guess.

Now I will be home for Christmas Eve and can get things ready to take to my MIL's and have time to get everything done at home. Thinking that I might not be home until late Christmas Eve I did make sure that all packages were wrapped and the cleaners will be there tomorrow or Wed so I am pretty much set.

Back in the spring or summer (not sure exactly when) I had a crown put on. I don't know what is wrong but boy is it hurting now. I can not bite down on anything with that side of my mouth and have to be very careful biting down on the other side also. I called my dentist but he cannot see me until Jan 5. I don't know if I can stand it that long. I am on the cancellation list though. I will have to call again tomorrow and let them know that I will be home this week but not next week.

Well, I best be getting busy starting to pack things up to go home in the morning. Woohoo!!

Merry Christmas to everyone.