Monday, July 23, 2007

My sewing pictures at last

I did a bit of editing this morning (Fri) and it looks better but I am still not happy with the breaks. I'll just keep trying.

Can anyone tell me how to avoid all these spaces left in my post? I can't seem to get rid of the dang things. I tried "help" but could not find what I want. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I know I said that I would have pictures to post over a week ago and I have not come through with them yet. Well, the projects are done and I have taken the pics and now if I can get them to upload they are here.
I told you about the skirt and bag that I made for "adopted" son's wedding. Well, when I made the bag it was such fun and so easy that I decided to make bags for my girls as well. My DD has a thing for turtles so when I found this print with turtles I knew I just had to make something for her and a bag it is.
It is really cute. I don't know if you can see the beads around it or not, but they are there. I guess if you enlarge the picture you can see them. I showed it to DD this afternoon and she went, "Ahhhhhhhhh." So I guess she likes it.
My DDIL is very into camoflage, so when I found the dessert cammo I decided that would be her bag. I got it all cut out last week and was ready to sew but life got in the way and I did not get around to sewing it until Saturday. (I was out here in my shop doing some embroidery work so I sewed the bag between shirts.) I haven't shown it to her yet so I don't know if she will like it or not. If not, oh well. LOL. Her bead are black. I bought some brownish ones but they really clashed with the cammo colors so I had to go shopping again and find something else. I know that beads and cammo don't really go together but I wanted to add a little bit of a feminine touch to it. DDIL can just live with it, hehe.
And last but certainly not least is my first bag, the one I made for myself. I really love it. I am thinking of taking the flap off and just putting a snap on it. The flap just does not lay correctly. It wants to roll up and I don't like that. I do love the beads that I found for this one. I think they would make great stitch markers. What do you think?
Now that I have started sewing again I want to do some more. I don't have anything cut out but I do have fabric for 3 more skirts. I guess I just need to cut them out.
Yesterday we took my dear MIL and her sister and BIL to cut walking sticks. Uncle D makes them and sells them and dear MIL just makes them. We had a wonderful afternoon. It was not too hot and the walk up the mountainette was not too steep. They both got some nice sticks and were happy with them.
I am going to post this before I lose it again.
Everyone have a great evening.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A little bit of knitting and a little bit of sewing.

I started this post a week or so ago and was having connection problems so I saved it and never did get back to it. So now I will try to finish and publish the post.

Thanks to Pink Purl I have gotten into the notion to do some sewing again. I haven't really made anything in a long time. My second son (my son's best friend who calls me Mom) is getting married today so I decided to make a skirt and matching bag for today. They are finished but so far I have not taken a picture of them. Maybe I will have DH take a picture later this afternoon, and maybe I will just take a picture on them on the hanger. (still no picture, maybe later this week)

Here is some fabric that I saw and just had to have. The floral on top is the one I made the skirt and bag out of.

I have almost finished my first Tofutsie Sock club sock. Haven't started on the July sockamania yet. Maybe tomorrow. I really don't like to have two pair of socks on the needles at the same time, too much chance of mixing them up, lol.

Thanks to Tracy of HeritageCrafts I have joined the MS3 knitalong. Just joined today so I don't have the pattern, yarn, or beads. Well, I have the yarn in my stash just not sure what beads to get to go with it. Well, I may have joined but the site keeps telling me that I am not a member of the group and cannot look. Hmmmm, what should I do?

Hubby and I took a weekend trip to Cincinnati this past weekend. We left home around 8:30 Friday morning and came home last evening. We had a nice weekend. We had not taken a pleasure trip since last November when we went to Richmond VA to see my nephew get married. We were past due.

Sorry I don't have more pictures, I have been so busy that I have not had time to take any. Besides, hubby just bought me this laptop yesterday and I have not had a chance to put my camera software on here so that I would have pictures. I will try to post again in a day or so and have everything set up.

You all have a good night and week until we chat again.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Feeding the babies

I have an 8 year old Saint Bernard, a 6 year old cranky momma cat, 2 of her boys who are 4 now, a beautiful long haired black stray cat that is 3 and a stray mutt that showed up last summer and belongs to DH ( yes, she is the one of the mulch fame, and the sweater fame which I have not told in here yet).

Used to they all got canned food for breakfast and then dry food in the evening. When they had all that scare about the pet food I took them off of the canned food and put them on home cooked food for breakfast andFlintRiverRanch food for dinner.

Their morning food is a mixture of boiled chicken, rice, and mixed vegetables. I start out by buying a whold chicken and boil it for about an hour and a half. Then I add the rice to the broth while I am letting the chicken cool enough to pull from the bone. When the rice is almost done I add the vegetables and let them cook then add the chicken and voila' we are ready for the week.

They all love it. The dogs just wolf it down and Belly one of cranky momma's boys would rather eat the chicken and rice as to eat his dry food.

How can you even suggest that my babies are spoiled! LOL, they are just very well loved.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Socks, what else?

Finally finished my June Sockamania socks. They are neat. They are huge, but that is ok. Now I am working on the July/August Tofutsie socks. I need to do a bit of work on the chart to make it easier for me to follow, but other than that the pattern is fun.
I think I need to start working on the baby afghan again. If I don't work on it occassionally I will forget all about it and I really want to get it done.
I bought some material yesterday to make a couple of skirts out of. I also bought two skirt patterns and two bag patterns. I haven't had time to do much sewing in quite a while but decided that I was just going to have to find the time. I'll keep you updated.
It is Sunday morning and I am going to go wake hubby from his nap and see if he will go out and help me get the vacuum for the pool set up.
Maybe more this evening, if not everyone have a beautiful day.