Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good grief......

Where did January get to? Can it be almost February already. I thought we just started this new year.

I finished up a pair of socks made from that new yarn from KnitPicks called Chroma. It is really beautiful yarn and nice feeling. The skein I had didn't have much twist to it so I really am not sure how it will wear. I made the socks with a short row heel which I had never made before so the socks ended up just a tad too long. It seems that if I make any heel except the Widdershins Heel I end up making my socks too long. Don't understand but there it is. So these socks may go into the gift basket.
I have another skein of it, but am thinking to maybe make a scarf out of it. It would feel really yummy around the neck and I wouldn't have to worry about wear issues with that.

I finished the back on my CelticCardigan . I have started on the fronts now. This is made out of my own homespun. Just hoping I have enough to finish it this time. I have already had to spin some more yarn. Maybe I should go back and get some more roving just in case. I doubt that K will sell the rest of it, but to make sure......

It is not snowing right now but they are predicting another snow or ice storm later this week. If I get to decide, give me snow. It is much easier to deal with.

I am so proud of myself. I actually did the link thing correctly to show the pattern for my sweater. Yay, me. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, I guess it is winter......

The snow has all melted away (except for the large plowed piles) and now they are saying we are to get more this weekend. I have heard anywhere from 1 to 3 right up to 5 to 8. I am hoping for the 1 to 3.
I love snow, but enough is enough. I don't like to drive in it so I have to have D take me everywhere I want to go.
Update about what we get after we get it :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow, snow, snow. when will you end?

I will take some pics of the snow tomorrow and post them. I haven't really had the inclination to take pics of it. We have so much (for us that is) that I just don't want to look at it. I measured it on our deck table this morning and we had about 7 or 8 inches. It has been snowing just a bit all day but I don't think it has snowed enough for any more accumulation.
These aren't the greatest pictures as I took them from inside the house by just putting my hand outside and clicking. I was still in my jammies and didn't want to go out into the snow. These at least give you an idea.

Here are some really nice pics of my cat, Coley. He is so hard to get a pic of that doesn't have his eyes glowing like demon orbs. My new camera takes great pics of him. I really love the side of his face pic.
He is a beautiful long haired cat that someone "threw away" and he found me. I took him in and have loved him ever since. He really thinks that I belong to him, rather than him belonging to me. Oh, well. He weighed about 2 pounds when he came to me and now he weighs 14.5 pounds. He has grown a little bit, LOL. I don't know what type cat he is but someone who used to raise Norwegian Forest cats told me that that was what he is. I don't know, and don't really care. He is just my little guy. He is a nice bed warmer as he sleeps either beside or on top of me at night.

Here are a couple of update pictures of Zeus, the store cat. He lives here 24/7 now. He is not happy away from the store. So we just make sure we come in and "visit" him on the days the store is closed.
The brass bed he is sleeping in is one I got at Big Lots several years ago for my cats at home. They don't really like it so I brought it in here for a window decoration during the Apple Festival and since Zeus would sleep in it I just left it in here.
The little brown thing by his chin is a small St. Bernard that has an air bag and batteries so that it looks like it breathes. It is so funny to see people stop outside of the store and begin discussing/arguing with each other whether the dog is real or not. They usually end up coming in to find out for sure.