Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A couple of pair of socks.

Well, I did it again. I managed to post just the title of the post and not put anything there. I am not sure how I do it but I do. LOL, at least I can fix it.

I have finished two pair of socks but have not posted them.

The first is April Sockamania. I am really not a fan of Intarsia as I just cannot get my tension right so the socks end up being tight over the heel. At least this time I can get the socks on so I didn't have to give them away. These were made out of KP Palette. I don't recall the colors used or the size needle used. I did them top down using ML.

The next pair is May Sockamania. They were done in Patrons Kroy Sock yarn, using KP Harmony size 1 (foot) & 2 ( leg because I knit cables tight). I did them toe up and used a sewn cast off.

I finally managed to finish a pair of socks in the month that they were supposed to be.

My hubby and I joined Weight Watchers a week ago Monday. So far we are really enjoying it. There are so many things that are good to eat and we can still eat them. We have also been having fun in the kitchen coming up with new recipes.

One evening last week we were fixing pasta, shrimp, and black beans. Since the pasta was without sauce my hubby said to just put his beans on top of the pasta. I kind of cringed at the idea at first but then thought that there was not sauce so why not try it. It was delicious! We sauteed the shrimp with a bit of butter and some Caribbean Jerk seasoning. We liked it so well that we had it again this evening.

Also we were told at meeting to make brownies with black beans instead of the milk, egg, and oil. Believe it or not, they tasted just like regular brownies! Even my finicky daughter did not know that they were different.

As we come up with new dishes I will share them.

Have a nice evening.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Funny, but no pictures.

Last evening my girls and my son were regaling me with stories of what I did in the hospital when I got to my room after surgery. I really think that they were exaggerating. LOL

The kids told me that as soon as I got to my room I had to have them put MY socks on me and put MY pillowcase on my pillow. (I sleep on a satin pillow case and I took one to the hospital with me.)

My DIL said that I kept shushing her. I do remember telling her to shush once or twice, but I don't remember as many times as she said. She said that at one point I even shushed nurses out in the hall. I guess I wanted quiet!

At one point in the afternoon my hubby went to get something to eat. (I don't remember a thing of this.) I had been holding his hand and when I woke and no one was holding my hand I panicked, so I made my son and daughter hold my hands. I was told that I looked at my DIL and told her that she was one of mine now but I was sorry I had no more hands to hold so she could hold my toe. (I told her that she really should feel honored as NO ONE touches my feet. LOL)

I also kept telling my daughter to sit down. For some reason I did not want her standing up. If I thought I saw her standing I would immediately tell her to sit down! She said that the nurses had to work around her as I had to either be holding her hand or she had to be sitting on the foot of my bed.

Everyone had told me that I would not be allowed to go home until I passed gas. I guess that was praying on my mind as I am really not a gassy person but my husband makes up for me. :) I told my DIL that if she stayed around long enough that day she would here me f***. Then I said oh wait maybe you can here me now and I did a raspberry with my tongue. They were cracking up. (My son and DIL have been married for 9 years and she is still waiting to here me. Unusual girl that one is. LOL)

I have talked about my dog Katie on here lots of times. I had taken a little stuffed Boyd's stuffed St. Bernard to the hospital with me. I lost it at one point and had my son looking for "Katie". When he finally realized what I wanted he found it.

They were so glad for their Dad to get back. My son told his Dad that he could hold my hand now as his arm was breaking from the way that I was holding onto him.

I guess I am a cheap drunk when it comes to anesthesia. It doesn't take much to put me out and keep me out. I had my surgery around 8 am on Monday and didn't really wake up until Thursday evening.

My DIL told my son that if she ever needed to have surgery she was not allowing ANY of the family in her room until she woke up completely. LOL. I really made an impression on her! I told her last night that she might not be like I was. It all depends on how she takes to anesthesia.

One thing is for sure I kept the family well entertained while they were there with me.

The day after my surgery when hubby came to see me I was still mostly asleep. He would have to wake me between bites of my lunch. I was still so groggy that I would take a bite and before I could get it chewed up and swallowed I would fall asleep. I don't think I managed to finish a meal while it was hot for several days.
The day we went home I remember leaving the hospital parking lot and then pulling into our drive and it is about a 40 to 45 minute drive home.

So are some of the highlights of my hospital stay.

Everyone have a good day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The weekend is here.

It is now Friday evening so I guess the weekend has begun. Our weekend is supposed to be rainy and cool. Drat!

Sometime this weekend (maybe) my computer guru is coming out to help us set up an external hard drive over here at the house so we can back up the office files off site. Also he is going to help us set up passwords on our computers out at the office. It seems that someone has been doing some unauthorized using of mine and hubby's puters. I got a virus on mine that totally shut me down. Guru was able to fix things and I didn't lose anything, but it could have been much worse. Someone had gone onto MySpace on my computer. I know it was not me as I have never been on that site, even on my laptop over here at the house. NO ONE should have been on my computer! Especially without asking me first. I have way too much important info and employee info on it for it to be used by just anyone. So we set up passwords to avoid this happening again and being worse.

I just started Anni's lace shawl KAL. I am making it out of a really pretty pale pink silk yarn that I got on ebay last year. I don't know what brand it is or really much about it other than it is silk and feels sooooo nice.

I am worn out so it is off to bed with me. I will try to post a pic of a FO tomorrow, no promises though. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No pictures tonight

I was going to take a picture of my April Sockamania socks and post it but when I was all ready I found that the camera is out in the office and I did not want to walk out there to get it. It is also getting dusky so tomorrow I will do it.
Although I enjoyed knitting the socks I don't think I will do anymore colorwork socks. I just can't get the tension down right. My socks always end up being too tight. The first pair was so tight that I gave them away to someone with a smaller foot than mine, and believe me that was not easy to find.

Several months ago I posted pictures of a sweater that I had knit. It was a combination of silk, wool, and alpaca yarn. It was really beautiful and I loved to wear it. A few months ago I got BBQ sauce on the sleeve and had to wash it. It came out and the sweater was fine. The only problem was that is smelled like wet animal. So I decided to wash it again the other day as the odor would not just air out of it. Sooooo I washed it and it felted!!!! I was so upset! I guess I will have to remake the sweater. It really was my fave and I will miss it so I will just have to redo it.
Evidently when I washed it the first time I washed it on hand wash and this last time I did not. I even put it in a lingerie bag for all the good that did. I will probably put it away in my hopechest as a reminder to not do that again. Now I have to hunt out the pattern and figure how much yarn again and get started so I will have it by fall. DANG!!!