Friday, April 18, 2008

Those "dratted socks" - Done

Finally finished my March Sockamania socks. I don't really like doing cables on socks and add to that the fact that I started these right before I went into the hospital for surgery and did not feel like doing the cables when I came home but would not start a new pair until these were finished I felt as though I would never finish these. They are finished and on my feet as I write this.

They are made out of Trekking XXL, color 66, done on KP Harmony size 1 (2.5 MM), done toe up. I did 2 full repeats and ended with the first 6 rows of the pattern since I had done them upside down.

I will probably cast on the April sockamania socks and maybe get them done by the end of the month since I am only working part time now. I also want to get some special mittens done.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday evening

Let me look through my pictures and see if I have anything else to post. I should be able to find something.

This is a good one. We refer to it in the family as "Mom's Redneck Mailbox."

Sometime New Years Eve night someone took out my mother-in-laws mail box. In the time while she was waiting for a new post to be built she cam up with the solution. It may have looked really strange but it worked. The mailman never missed a day of leaving her mail.
The above beauty is my personal nursemaid. He has let up now, but for the first 4 or 5 days he very seldom left me. He still stays very close to Mom but he will leave me to go outside for a while. He was just a stray that showed up here about 3 years ago andjust claimed me as his own.

We occassionally get a bird in our fireplace. When one gets in there it drives my cats nuts. They try their best to get to it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hooray!! They are back!!

Hooray!! My editing toolbar is back. Now I can add pictures. I don't know where they went but I finally did a temp history and cookie delete and here they are. Yipee!
Now I can finally add some pictures. The first one I want to add is rather colorful and also rather painful. Evidently an IV or 2 was put in my hand after I was knocked out as I do not remember them being there and I really think that I would have.

Isn't it lovely?

I have 3 pair of last May Sockamania socks to show you. My girls both wanted a pair and since I can get 3 socks from a skein of Tofutsies I just purchaced a second skein and made us all matching socks. The pic is not that great as I needed them for Easter this year and I finished the last sock around 4:30 on Sat evening. So they were still wet when I took the pic.

I have lots more that I want to post but am just too tired right now. I went to the doctor this morning and had my stitches out, then had to go out to the office to write checks to pay our income taxes. That in itself is depressing and tiring. LOL So it is nap time now and I will try to post some pictures later this afternoon.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A glorious Sunday afternoon

It is a glorious Sunday afternoon and I am not sure what happened. I put in the title and must have hit the wrong key because it published instead of going into the body.

I have off loaded pictures to this laptop to put on this post, but guess what? The little icon to add pictures is not here. Is it me? Has it been so long since I have posted that I have forgotten where to find the icon or is blogger being mean today? At this point I am not sure. When I can figure out where the icon is I will add some pictures to this post of just start a new one and put them there.

A little over a month ago we had a lovely dog show up here at the house. I fell in love with her when I saw her and told my hubby that she HAD to be a mix of Saint Bernard and German Shepherd. When D took her to the vet she agreed with him that that was probably what she is. So she is a Saint German now. LOL She is such a noodlehead and such a good nurse to me. Since I have come home from the hospital she has been amazingly gentle with me and will even lend her support if I get shaky on my feet and this pup is not a year old yet!! She is even more atuned to D so I would hate to think how protective she would be if he was hurting. D named her Betsie.
My little black cat has appointed himself as my personal and ONLY nurse. He will not let the other cats come near Mom and doesn't even want my Saint Bernard to come too close. He barely left my side from the time I came home Wed afternoon until last evening. I had been sleeping down here as D had not gotten my stool to get into bed made and Cole was my constant companion. He was here if he was not eating or outside for a few minutes. I guess since I was able to go upstairs to sleep last night he is not as close on duty today. He has not been here with me for about an hour now. I miss the little guy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Home again

I am home from the hospital and I guess I am getting better. I am sore as can be and do not want to do anything. I will post some pictures of knitting later. I am just glad to be home in my own surroundings again.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday evening

Good Golly, Miss Molly. I have blogged twice in a week.

No pictures yet. I just have not had time to download them from the camera. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday. If not it will be late next week. I will get them.

Have a nice evening.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I finally have internet at the house again, so maybe I can do a little better at keeping up my blog.
I have pictures on the camera but need to download them and it is late and I don't want to fool with them this evening. Maybe I will do it this weekend or later next week.
There is FO's, a new dog, a new van, and as soon as I take a picture an ancient lovely oak fallen over.

That is it for tonight. Hopefully I will be back sooner this time than the last.

Everyone have a good evening, night, or day, or whatever.