Thursday, July 13, 2017

What is wrong with me??

I have been to 3 doctors since last Saturday, the 8th.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible pain in my upper abdomen. It felt like I had indigestion and if I could just belch I would be better.  I went downstairs and took some Tums and sat in my chair for a while but got no relief.  Around 3 I went back to bed and tried to sleep.  I did manage to doze off for a bit but then the pain got worse.  My thrashing around woke D and when he knew what was going on he wanted to take me to the emergency room.  I said no.  I will be OK.  About an hour later when I curled up in a ball on my hands and knees he asked me again and I said maybe I had better.

We got up and got dressed and D called our daughter to see if Holzer had an urgent care here in town.  Well they did but unfortunately they didn't open until 11.  So we headed to Chillicothe to the emergency room.  I wasn't too happy about that but I needed some relief.

The car trip over didn't do me any favors but I made it.  When we got there the ER was empty so I was taken right in.  (The ER is now the ED, Emergency Department)  They asked all kinds of questions and poked and prodded my belly, stuck me to take blood and start an IV.  Finally they gave me a dose of morphine and something for nausea.  The pain eventually settled down.  Then they took me to do an ultrasound on my gallbladder. 

The only thing they could find wrong in all the tests they did was my liver enzymes were elevated.  No clue as to why they were.  So they gave me two scripts and sent me on home.  Needless to say with  the dose of morphine I slept most of the day.  Still in some discomfort, not really pain, but also feeling dizzy and discombobulated.  

Sunday I was feeling fine so we went to church and out to eat after with friends.  By the time we got home I was not feeling so good so I took some meds and sat in my chair and slept.  This is getting old fast.

Monday when I got up I was feeling pretty rough so D took me to our doctor in town.  She examined me and looked at my test results from Sat.  She gave me something for pain and got me in to a GI doctor the next morning.  Another day spent in my chair sleeping.

Tuesday we had to be in Chillicothe at 8:30 for doctor visit.  They did more blood work and an MRI on me.  Found nothing.  Another day in the chair.

Wednesday I felt pretty good so I came on out to the office and did a bit.  Had some pain but nothing I couldn't handle.  I did not take any meds that day.  Yay!! 
We went down to look at a 5th Wheel camper that friends of ours are selling.  Not sure if we are going to buy this one or not.  We both like it but it lacks a few things we want.  More on that later. :)

Thursday morning and I am doing better.  I am here at the office.  Some discomfort but nothing major.  Maybe I just had a fluke happen and I am ok now.