Thursday, May 4, 2017

May already?!

 My lovely wild dogwood.  It was here when we bought the property way back in 1975 so it is quite old and still quite small.  It is almost on our township road, maybe that is why it is no bigger than it it.  I am just glad it is still alive.  I love Dogwood trees.

 Grandgirls of a friend of ours.  They both love D and put up with me to see him.  lol

 D knocked over his Rtic cup and the lid came off and it spilled under my chair so he turned it up on its back to let the throw rug underneath it dry out.  Coley thought that it was a perfect place to take a nap until Mom disturbed him.

 I am knitting the Colorwash Scarf in the Mason-Dixon Kal  I thought I had chosen two yarns with enough contrast to come up with stripes.  Guess I was wrong.  The lavender cake is really a lot less vibrant than it shows here and the pinky one is more vibrant.  As you can see I am not really getting a stripe, but I still like it.   The pinky is one that was hand dyed at a yarn shop my friend had and that I ran from here for a while.  The lavender is Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Blue Violet  I think it shows better in their pic than in mine. 

The above photo is my grandson at a soccer game last Sunday evening.  It was actually a tournament.  That is him walking beside the referee..  Not a great pic but I was having trouble finding him on the field  The sun was shining in my eyes and the wind was blowing my hair in my eyes so I am just lucky to have even gotten this one.  They didn't do so well that day.  My son said it was the first game they had lost (5-2).  They didn't lose because they played badly , the other team just outplayed them.  Son said that the other team was REALLY good.  
There was a biker bar down the street from the fields and they were cooking some really good smelling food.  Among other things, it smelled as if they were frying potatoes.  Made me want to go home and fry some up myself. :)  I haven't fixed fried taters in a long time.