Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why me?

I am going into a third week of bronchitis and laryngitis. I dutifully went to the doctor as soon as I got sick.
My regular doctor left on a cruise the same day I called to see him. So I had to see a NP instead. I told her the cocktail of meds that my reg doc gives me. We have worked on this same ailment for years and this is the concoction that he has found will make me better is the quickest time. The NP would only give me 2 of the the 3 meds I need so guess what? I am not better. My reg doc won't be back until the first of Nov and I just can't wait that long. Guess I will go back to another doc and see what they will do. Problem is that most doctors don't like to hear what your reg doc gives you. THEY know best. I guess I can't win.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My sweet little Munchkins went to be with his twin brother yesterday evening.
Munch got hit by a car last Saturday sometime between breakfast and 4 pm. He made his way back home but was pretty beat up.
His jaw was broken way back by the hinge and he had a fractured skull. The skull fracture caused swelling and trauma to his eye so that it was blind. His whole nature changed. When I went to see him he did not even seem to know me. He did not respond to my voice. Our vet was worried that the head trauma would change his personality and he would no longer be my loving little lap kittie. She was also concerned that he might not even make it through the surgery. Also, where the jaw was broken it would have to be pinned and would more than likely develop arthritis which would cause him pain later on.
Because of the blindness in the eye he would have to be an inside cat the rest of his life (he was 7 years old so not too old of a cat) and he dearly loved being outside.
All things considered we opted to let him slip away. It was a hard decision but one that I am sure was correct. I will miss him.