Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Grandson is Home!!

My son and DIL have moved back to their home just down the hill from us which means that my grandson is now home also. It is so nice to have them all close, my daughter and nearly SIL live just over the hill on the other side of us, so we can have lots of cookouts and swim parties at MaMaw and PaPaw's.

All my pictures are on my phone or Ipad so I will have to download them to my PC so I can post some of them. I hve no luck trying to post to here from either of them.

There has been knitting going on but no pictures taken. I am the worst at taking pictures. I always think too late about them.

Last Saturday Simmie (my grandson)talked PaPaw into opening the pool. So Sunday when he came up he wanted to swim. We told him the water was too cold yet but he kept saying it wasn't too cold for him (he just came here from Haiti this past October) and wanted to get in. Finally we told him to get his suit on and he could get in. Well, he bailed in and as soon as his feet hit the bottom they propelled him back to the top and up and out of the pool. His eyes were as large as saucers and he came out so quickly that his trunks had slid down and the "moon" was out when he came out and he admitted that it was cold. LOL Neither Dale nor I had our phones out to take video. :(

Our daughter is getting married this October 18. I am going with her Sunday to look at dresses. I am so glad. Her "feller" is a really nice guy and fits right in with this family. :) More on that later.