Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back in Virginia again.

We are back in Virginia again and this time Betsie is with us. She is not too happy as "Daddy" is gone from her all day and "Mom" just doesn't cut it since she is "Daddy's" dog. She really perks up when he comes in.
I have a new hand boo-boo to show. This one is a doozy. I was being a dummy and was trying to cut a zip tie off with a large kitchen knife and I cut my thumb. Aren't my stitches cute? I need my head examined for doing such a stupid thing. I just hope that this is the last hand boo-boo I show you guys.

I do have a better pic to show. I finished my sockamania socks this morning. They are out of Tofutsies, done ML toe up. Love that ML. When I finish one sock the other is also done.

One of our employees that is also down here in VA has his wife and two kids with him. Their little girl is a real sweetheart and for some reason really likes me, of course I adore her also. She came over to my room and spent the afternoon with me yesterday. I thought that if she were over here then maybe Mom could get their little boy down for a nap. We had a grand time. We watched cartoons, drew with colored pencils, I made her a bracelet out of some beads I had and she told me lots of stories (she is 3). She is coming back later this afternoon so that she can play a game on my Nintendo DS. I bought a childs game at Kohl's one day so we will play that one. She helps my day to pass more quickly and also it helps her mom with the little one. They have been down here about a week and a half now and will be here until Sat or Sun. I really am not sure how she does it with two little ones in just a hotel room. I would have been nuts long before now. LOL

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is chilly out there, folks!

I thought it would still be hot/warm down here in Virginia, but it is amazingly cool. I had to break out the long pants this morning. I hate having to start wearing long pants, I love my capris even though I am a shorty.

Sitting here in my hotel room I made a few pretties this morning. I had to go to the Wally-M to get some wire last night. I had brought the beads with me but the wire I brought was too heavy and it also was necklace memory wire so I could not do them yesterday.

One of these days I will learn how to take good photos. I just keep trying but somehow I just do not have the knack just yet. I will keep on keeping on.

My hand is also healing nicely. The bruisin is beginning to fade away. (Isn't the hotel room decor lovely behind my hand? LOL)

I have now bruised both of my hands so I can quit with the bruising. Don't you agree?

Boy oh boy, I need to cut those claws. When I knit my pinky finger on my right hand digs into my palm. I have to keep adjusting the way I hold my needles so that I don't make myself have a real boo-boo. It will have to wait until I get home, no nail file with me, just clippers.

Since my foot is not healing as quickly as the doctor would like it to be he put me on mega calcium tablets and I think that they are making my nails grow even faster than they usually do.

I have some finished socks to show you all.

This pair (below) is my favorite. They are made out of Tofutsies, my all time favorite sock yarn. I do so love that yarn. I checked in my stash and I have 9 balls of it, which is a lot since my entire sock stash is only about 20 pairs worth.

I have a skein of possum yarn that I need to wind and knit up. It maybe my new fave but I will only have one pair of it as it cost pretty dearly (over $35). It was a impulse buy. I just could not imagine possum so I had to get it. LOL. It does feel really soft though. I will probably make my next pair of socks out of it. Unfortunately I have no picture of it.

That is about all for now. 'Everyone have a nice day.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Me again

A few evening ago I was sitting on the sofa knitting. Cole was laying beside me and as is my usual habit I reached over to stroke him. Well, he must have been in coma Lala Land as he jumped like I had shot him and jumped up on the back of the sofa. When he jumped he pushed off from my hand. WOW, it hurt like the dickens and began to bleed a bit. Then within about 10 SECONDS my hand had swollen a bump about an inch high! It really shocked me. I immediately put an icepack on it and kept one one (off and on) for the rest of the night and the following day. Now a few days later here is my hand. All I can say is that I bruise easily. It will go away soon.
At least I am still able to knit. The first day it hurt to try to knit, but I persevered and managed to do it.

It is good that I can knit as I am stuck in the hotle room again. Even if Dale left me the truck I couldn't go anywhere as I am not allowed to drive just yet. Soon, I hope, we will just have to wait and see.

I brought OTN: a pair of socks, a sweater,and a pair of Norwegian mittens. I also brought yarn to make preemie baby caps, an adult cap, and a pair of fingerless gloves. I am well and truly prepared. I also brought some beads to make some stitch markers. And still I am bored. I just don't want to do any of those things. I also don't want to read the books I brought or play with the little pink thing (this is what I call my Nintendo DNS), or balance the 3 checkbooks that I brought along to do. I don't know what I want to do I just know whatever it is I don't have it.

Maybe I will take a nap.

Katie is thirsty

Katie loves to drink from a faucet. Until the last year or so she always got her drink from the sink in the powder room. She loves the running water.