Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time sure flies when you are busy......

Whatever happened to my weekly updates? They went the way of my spare time, there is none.

We had planned to open the store on Oct 31 as a pre-opening and officially open on Nov 3. Well that plan fell through. Now we ARE opening Nov 14 as a pre-opening and the official is Nov 17.

Things are coming along, although slowly. We spent 2 months just on the floor, but it is all done and looks cool, I think. It is rustic looking since it is 118 years old and has not had an easy life. When we were sanding it, it smelled like it was cedar. We have no idea what it is, we just know it was a real pain in the behind to finish.
We have the front room painted. We now need to get the trim cleaned up and painted. The kitchen area and the hall still need some TLC.

D and I have been working on the hot tub patio here at the house. This morning we finally got all the pavers laid. So we are almost ready for the hot tub. Good thing, since we have to have it delivered by Oct 31.
These long days spent working at the store we could really have used it to relax in and soothe sore muscles. Soon.....

Well, back to work.
I will download pictures and post them later.