Friday, August 28, 2009

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!

I know it has been a bit since I last posted. Been too busy living life. LOL
But do I have big news now.... My DIL and I are opening a pet bakery! Yep, we are going to be baking the treats ourselves and selling them from a storefront in town.
We will be in the bottom of our Masonic Temple in town. The building was built back in 1891 so it is very old and has a lot of character that has been covered over in years past. We are in the process of uncovering that character and bringing it back to its original glory. We have already taken some rough cut cedar down off of one wall and revealed the original plaster and lath that seems to be in pretty good shape. We will just have to skim coat it with plaster and then paint it.
We also found the coolest writing on the plaster.....

We have no idea who Fred Carr is but he was in the building June 3, 1901. I want to sort of frame around it and not cover it, but I am being overruled. We will see who wins.

We have been hard at work taking the floor back to it's original hardwood. We finally just last night got all the extra floors that were on top of it off. Now we have to clean it up, sand it a bit and then refinish it.

It will not look brand new but then it isn't. It is over 100 years old and has lots of character. I love it.

So far we have bought an oven, a stainless steel 3 bowl sink and a large mixer. Since we are not opening until November we are not buying too much of the equipment until we have the kitchen in the building ready. We don't want to have to move them too many time. :)

More to come......