Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Sunday morning.

We are back from Cincy and glad to be home. I always like taking a trip, whether long or short, but I am always glad to get home. I miss my babies. All were fine and were glad to see Mommy back home so they would get their treats and loving.
I got a Comfort Zone with Feliway for my kitty babies while we were away. One of them has scratching and marking issues. I had read a lot of good comments about this so I decided to try it. Hope it works. I'll try to remember to post progress.
I should have mentioned on the last post that that is not our Harley. It belongs to one of our employees. I am not a motorcycle person. I rode on one with hubby once and it scared the crap out of me When we would go around a corner I could not lean. I just knew that if I did we were going to fall over. Needless to say it made it very hard for hubby. Thank goodness he is not into street cycles either. He did go through an enduro phase shortly after we were married but it did not last that long. He rode when most of the riders did not have the big fancy boots, pads, and such. Old clothes and a helmet was pretty much the norm. Of course I am talking about 30+ years ago.
I found a store to go in and get a size 12 steel crotchet hook on Friday evening so I did start my MS3 but I only got about 10 rows done. I need to find or make some system of keeping track of the rows other than just using a row counter. I'll work on that this week. What little I did was fun but no pictures so far.
Have almost finished the first Sept Sockamania sock. I seem to have almost lost my knitting mojo. A short time ago every chance I got to sit down I would grab my knitting and go to it. Now I just sit and think that I should be knitting. Maybe I have made it a MUST so I don't want to do it. Hope it comes back again.
That is all for now.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Some of my favorite pet pictures.

This is the baby that started the current round of pets at our house. She is MY baby. When we went to look at the puppies she came over and sat down at my feet. When I picked her up she wrapped her paws around my arm and would not let go. She hasn't let go of me yet. Smile Katie is 8 years old now and has mild hip displasyia. She is a beauty and well behaved. I take her to town with me quite often. She walks at heel beautifully. In December when I have to purchase her new dog tags she goes to the court house with me to get them. I didn't take her one year because there was a lot of snow which meant a lot of salt on the walks and salt is very hard on their pads. I really got into trouble for not bringing her in. LOL.

This was the next baby. Our cat of nearly 20 years gave up the good life and was replaced (that is not the correct term since a pet cannot be replaced) by Erica. We went down to our mail man's house on Memorial Day several years ago to get a "kitten" from him. The cats were over a year old. Oh, well. The first two cats would not come close as I had Katie with me. They had to get along or no cat. Erica looked at Katie and then just settled down in my lap. This was the one. Erica was with kitten when we got her but we did not know that. I have a few pictures of her kitten but it did not live long. Sooo, we let Erica have another litter. These are the twins. The one on top of the box is Munch and I still have him. The other is Podie and he lost a fight with a car on the highway.
They have another litter mate that I still have but Belly is not as outgoing as his brothers. I will have to look on my other computer to see if I can find a picture of him. He is another beauty. He is black with stripes.

Then along came this little holy terror. He was a drop off stray that actually came to my son's house but followed me home one evening when we went down there for dinner. When we got back to the house and I let Katie out, Coley stood up on his back paws and began to swat at Katie's nose. Katie just looked at him. It was so funny. Coley weighed about 2 or 3 pounds at the time and Katie weighs 165 or so. Coley is long haired cat but fortunately he loves to be combed. I keep "his" comb on my bedside stand and as soon as I pick it up he is there to be combed.

At Christmas time in 2005 Coley discovered the Nativity set and decided to lay in the creche. He did this when the figurines were still in it. As soon as I took them out after Christmas to put away he immediately crawled into the creche and lay down. It was so cute. After seeing him do it the other cats all had to have their chance at it. Never a dull moment around here. This is Munch in his usual position catching a few zzzz's.

All of my pets have been spayed or neutered. I am a responsible pet owner. Since we do not have a farm and barn I don't want to eternally be trying to give away kittens and puppies. These babies are enough.
I will have to get pictures of Belly and Susie from one of the other computers and put them on here. That will be all of the babies then.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A FO! Hooray!

I finished the baby sweater up this morning, went to town and got buttons, have blocked it and put the buttons on so now it is DONE and ready to be shipped off to VA.

Sissy will take it to a baby shower that they are having on the 8th for my nephew and his wife.. I really didn't think that I would have it done, but I have.

The pattern is called Rainbow Set as it is in a variegated yarn although I chose a solid pink. It is a variation on the feather and fan stitch. The designer is Margaret Jones of Port Alerni, British Columbia, Canada. I got the pattern from a knitting calendar that my son and his wife got me for Christmas last year. It is a really quick knit. I started it this past Thursday morning and finsihed it today, about 4 days to finish, not bad.

The yarn is Bernat Baby Softee, I used US size 4 Hiya Hiya circular needles I did change the pattern in that the front edge was to be all in garter stitch and on the first repeat I forgot and did stockinette. So I did every other repeat in stockinette. Oh, well, it looks fine. Also, when I finished I did not like the unfinished look so I did a 5DC scallop all around the front two sides and the neck edge, the hem edge has a scallop from the feather and fan.

Now to start on my Sept Sockamania socks as soon as I print out the pattern.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Baby sweater and stitch markers.

Here is the promised picture of the baby sweater that is in progress. I know I said I would post it last Wed but I didn't make it, so here it is. The yarn is baby benat and I am using size 4 Hiya Hiya needles.
The sleeves are complete and on the stitch holder unless I decide to make the a bit longer, which I may.
Notice the cute little stitch markers? I made them from some of the beads left over from a purse/tote that I made. They are pretty cute to look at but I didn't get them put together quite good enough and occassionally they will catch the yarn so I am going to have to redo them, or at least part of them.