Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What hubby's dog did to my mulch...

Hubby has a cute little mutt dog that just showed up here one Saturday about a year ago and has been tearing things up ever since. Good thing we both love the little mutt.

About 2 weekends ago we bought 20 bags of mulch for me to put on my flower beds. Before I got it all spread, Susie had chewed on nearly all of the bags and spread a little of the mulch out. Not to worry, I had had hubby put the bags into one of the flower beds so it was no problem to just move the mulch around a bit and things were fine.

Well, I didn't have enough mulch so last weekend we went and bought another 20 bags. This time we put 16 of them in the garage in my pull wagon and hubby put 4 bags out in the lawn in front of one of the flower beds, this was around 8:30 or 9:00 in the evening. Most of the evening Susie was in the house but around 10 I let her out to potty. When I went to call her in she did not come immediately so I went to the front door to call her. I saw this awful mess in the yard where the bags had been, I thought it had to be just a shadow, but I walked out in the yard to see. And here is what I saw:
I had a few more pictures but my camera would not let me download them to my computer. I think maybe it was because my batteries were weak. I just tried to go take a few more pictures and the camera died, so I put it on charge and maybe I will get a few pictures tomorrow. I know, it is terrible but I just have not had time to do the weeding and mulching. I was going to do it this evening, but it is hot and muggy and I am doing this and knitting instead.
Here is a picture of one of my flower beds in front of the house. I am not much of one for annual flowers. I go more for the shrubby perenials. They do bloom and have some color. Each year I say I am going to plant some "flowers" instead of just plants, but so far....

I am about 2/3 of the way done with my June socks. I still hope to finish them by the end of the month. I had better get busy.

Have a good evening.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time to show some knitting

Yesterday was a really bad day. I had an excruiating migraine, so bad that Dale had to give me a shot and was ready to take me to the emergency room. Luckily the shot worked. It knocked me out for about 4 hours and when I woke the pain was mostly gone. I just felt all tired and worn out.

Since I haven't been on here much lately and haven't really posted any knitting I thought that it
just might be time to do so.

Here is the baby afghan that I am knitting to go along with the sweater that I showed quite a while ago. I am going to knit on it tonight and tomorrow night then go back to socks on Saturday while I am embroidering.
Since it is an afghan and it is very warm now she will not need it until this fall so I won't be working on it steadily, just enough so that I don't forget that I need to get it done. I just hope that it is wide enough when I have blocked it. The sweater had no pattern for an afghan so I just winged it. I know, if I had done a swatch with the larger needles that I am using for this I would have known just how many stitches I need to cast on so that it would be ok. I thought I had enough. Let's just hope so.

Here is a pet project of mine. I am making preemie hats to take to our hospital. I want to have 12 to take. As you can see I have 10. They really don't take very long to make and are quite fun. I started this last fall and things just seem to keep getting in the way. I need to finish up two more caps and then take them up. As you can see they are in all sizes. Some of the smaller ones only take a couple of hours or less. Shame on me for not finishing them. I will make it a weekend project to at least get one more done and hopefuly two. I will give an update on Monday. Maybe this will be the incentive I need to get them done.

Here is my first June Sockamania sock. No that is not an optical illusion, the sock really is that long. It is for Auntie and she wears a size 10 1/2 shoe. My sock book said to make the foot 10 inches long, so I did. I thought I was never going to get the foot of the sock done!! and this is only the first sock! OH, my!This was the first time I had done a sock toe up and also a short row heel. I like doing it toe up and the short row heel is ok, but I am not sure I did the wrap correctly.
I used my new Sox Stix from Lantern Moon, they are nice , but I don't really think that they are worth the price.
I just ordered several Knit Picks circulars to do socks with, I even ordered a long one to try doing the magic loop. Wish me luck.
I like to talk about my cats. Munchkin is my biggest cat. When I took him to the vet the other day he weighed 13.25 pounds. Not a small cat. LOL. He is also my box cat. All of the cats love boxes but Munch REALLY loves them. When a new box comes into the house he has to try it out. I received a skein of yarn in a very small box a while ago and I put the empty box in the floor knowing that sooner or later Munch would have to try to get in it. Here are a couple of photos of him trying to be in the box.

This is Erica, as you can see she fits in the box much better than Munch. She is Munch's mama and she doesn't let him and Velcro forget it either. She can be a real crank when she wants to be and a real sweetie if she wants to be.

Maybe tomorrow I will post photos of my other two cats.

That is it for tonight.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stormy skies and flat tires.

It is now 8:30 pm and finally all is well with my world.
Around 6 this evening our son called to tell us that the truck had a flat tire (our son is 30 and works for us surveying). Dale had a meeting this evening at 6:30 so he loaded up the floor jack in his pickup and was going to take it to our son. I reminded him that it was after 6 and that he had a meeting so I would take the jack and a rain coat to our son. Oh, did I forget to mention that it was raining and storming? Well it was. Anyway, when I got to Josh he was already soaked since he had been out in the rain trying to get the spare off of the truck. We had just gotten that truck last week so we ( and by we I mean Dale and Josh) were not familiar with the way the spare was released from under the truck. When I got there I got out the book and began to try to figure it out for him. I was trying to read the book and not get it all wet from the rain. Both of our trucks are Chevy's so he tried to get the spare out from under Dale's truck, but could not figure out the way. I called Dale on his cell phone and it began to ring --- beside me in the truck. Oh, well. So I called Dale's brother and asked him as he also has a Chevy. I got the trusty book out again and started reading it out loud to Josh. Finally he got the tire thingy on Dale's truck to work so we got his spare out (again, by we I mean Josh). pretty soon Dale's brother showed up behind my truck. He and his family were on their way in town to eat and he stopped to see if he could help. By that time Josh had gotten the spare from the one that I was driving to drop down so he could use it. The tires were not the same size but since we were only going about 3 miles it was ok. He finally got the truck all put back together and we both headed down the road. We had only gone about a half mile when it began to rain so hard that you could barely see. Now that is timing and I said Thank you to God for letting the rain hold off.
We are both at our respective homes and both are dry and comfy now. It was an exciting evening. In the morning Dale and Josh have to figure out how to get the spare off so they can put the spare back on Dale's truck so Josh can drive it to work. And we have to get the tire fixed.

I need to take some more pictures and put on my blog. Just lots of words can be boring.

Everyone have a good evening and a peaceful sleep.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I am famous! LOL

I knit some socks out of SWTC Bamboo that I bought from The Yarn Grove and Jane posted a pic of my socks on their FOG(Finished Object Gallery).
I would add a link to their site but I don't know how. Anyone willing to give me a lesson on this I would appreciate it.
More later tonight, I hope.
www.theyarngrove.com (This is not the correct way, but it will work.)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knitters Connection

Oh, my goodness!! It was fabulous!! I loved it!! lol Can't you tell?

When we walked into the room I just stopped and looked and around then turned to my hubby and said, "This is just too much!" He just laughed at me.

Anyway, first things first. I went to pre-registration to sign in and they gave me my members goodie bag. It was MUCH more than I had thought it would be. Here it is all in the bag.

And here is all the loot out of the bag:

I would say that the bag was worth the $10 it cost me to take membership in The Knitters Connection.

There are two magazines, one knit and one crotchet, a nice cardstock pattern of a purse, another pattern to make up a scarf out of left over yarn bits, and a notecard.

Quite a haul, Lol.

This is the yarn that I bought there.
The turquoise on the far left is a cotton that I bought to make a summer top. It was originally $8.75 a skein but at the show it as TWO skeins for $7.00. That made my top a lot cheaper than I had thought it was going to be.
The next yarn by it is 100% alpaca. It was so lush that I had to get enough to make a scarf or two. (My hubby talked to the lady who had the booth and I really do believe that he is going to buy an alpaca from her. I will keep you updated on that front.)

The next two skeins are a silk/nylon mix for socks. and the final one is a silk/alpaca mix that hubby bought for me for some socks for me.

And of course in the back of the pile is another skein of Tofutsies that I went over to the Yarn Market beforehand and bought to go along with the one that I already have since I can get 3 socks from a skein of it.

I splurged once more and got the book Favorite Socks. It is a really lovely book with loads of nice sock patterns in it. Now to get More Favorite Socks.

Believe it or not, I didn't even spend all of the money that I had saved up to spend. I came home with $40. So I will put that away for the next yarn excursion.

I also joined a sock yarn club with Yarn Grove for limited edition Tofutsies yarn (Jane is such a nice person. I am sure the others are also, but she is the only one I've dealt with. We spoke on the phone yesterday for quite a bit. Thanks, Jane, for being so helpful.)I did this online, not at the Connection.

This is a pair of sock made from SWTC Bamboo yarn. Since they are made out of sportweight they are a bit heavy but that is ok. The pattern is called Curvy Lace and I found it in a Creative Knitting magazine. I used size 3 bamboo DPN. This was the first sock pattern that I ever knitted. No starting off with an easy ribbed sock for me, LOL. Really, it is an easy pattern to knit. They are supposed to be for my older sister but they feel so luxurious that I am not sure, LOL. Time will tell. Now I need to make some socks for my younger sister.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Knitters Connection

I am off to the Knitters Connection in Columbus tomorrow. I am so excited. I hope to have lots of yarn to post pictures of and then later on lots of projects to post pictures of .

Everyone have a good day.