Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SnowDrop update....

I have finished the body of the SnowDrop and have (barely) started on the edging. It has been put aside for a bit as I need to finish up a pair of socks for my nevvie and I also need to make a couple of pair of socks for me before winter.

Not much going on here. I'll try to get a new pic of the shawl sometime soon, but no promises.

Katie is doing pretty well. She is 12 years, almost 3 months. She is an OLD lady now but she is still my beautiful St. Bernard and a wonderful girl.
The other day when I had her out on the patio to get some cool fresh air she somehow managed to scoot and wriggle her way off of the patio across the narrow back yard and into the high weeds on the hill side. Luckily D has not had time to bushhog this summer so the weeds are really high and thick so they stopped her from going on down the hill.
She did manage to get both of her back feet into dog poop. That was fun trying to get it off of her feet. I finally took a quart size baggy and put water in it and slipped her foot in, held the top closed and massaged the water around her foot. They came clean, thank goodness.
Now I make sure to close the gateway with the bench whenever she is out on the patio. I never dreamed she would work her way off of it since she can't get up by herself anymore. I really thought she was safe. What I know!!
I had gone out on the deck to throw some dog hair out (if I had put it in the trash can it would just have floated back out where I have a ceiling fan on for her along with the AC. When I went out I could hear her woofing but I could not find her. I started to panic and began calling to her. Then I noticed the weeds moving each time she would woof. I hurried back into the house to get my boots on (they have a good grip sole on them which I need outside on the hillside to get Katie up without sliding down the hill myself) and go out and rescue her.
I got her up without any trouble and we made it up to the patio even though I did not have her sling/blanket with me. She was worn out so she lay down on the patio and I pulled the bench across the gateway opening.