Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lace & Cable Day 3

I forgot to take a pic last night and post so here it is today.  There is about 8 1/2 inches done so far and I have used almost 2 balls of the yarn.  I am liking it and enjoying the knit.

I read ahead in the pattern, something I rarely do so as not to intimidate myself, and realized that when I come to the sleeve openings I will have to do some decreases and keep to the pattern.  That is always a problem for me as I tend to not keep notes of what I have done and where I am.  I am going to HAVE to make a very conscious effort to keep track of what I have done or the lace will be all messed up.

My buddy cat thinks that he has to sit on my lap while I am knitting and "help" me.  Sorry to say, Coley, but you are not a help.  I knit everything on long circulars and he thinks that the loop is made for him to stick his head through or even his whole body sometimes.  More than one project has been pulled off of the needles when he decides to play through the loop.  He is a gorgeous baby and getting older now (he is 13 now) so I let him get away with things.  That is not to say I don't fuss at him, but I always cuddle and kiss him and tell him that Mommy loves him.  Here is an old picture of him.  I don't know what breed he is because he just showed up at my son's one day and followed me home and became my constant companion at the house.  He does not like to come to the office with me.  We can't figure out why as he has never been mistreated over here.  He just doesn't like it.  Actally he doesn't really like leaving the house.
Here is a picture of my youngest pet.  His name is LeRoy (named by my husband and grandson) and he also just showed up at the house one day about 2 years ago.  When he came he looked like a beared colley or an Old English Sheepdog with a tail  He was gorgeous!  I tried to find his owner because he was so clean I didn't really think someone had just tossed him out.  After about a week I had had no luck so I kept him.  He is a joy and and an aggravation and I love him to pieces. 


I had to take him to the groomers to have him "trimmed".  He was so matted since his coat is so long that she had to pretty much just shave him.  I just asked her to try to keep his tail hair long, which she did.  When I went to pick him up I didn't even recognize him!  She came out with him and I thought to myself, "That is a cute dog but why is she bringing it out instead of my LeRoy?"  Then he saw me and I knew it was my little LeRoy.  It took all summer for his coat to grow back in.  lol


 LeRoy got all matted again and so my hubby and I decided to give him a "hair cut" ourselves.  I went in to Tractor Supply and got some dog shears and we just had at him.  We had no idea what we were doing other than cutting off the mats.  To be quite honest he doesn't look half bad.  He looks like he has curly hair.  I decided to leave the hair around his face long also.  I was going to leave his "mane" long but it had matted because of his collar so most of it had to go. So here he is just a few minutes ago.  He got a bath last evening and it makes his coat seem curlier. 

I think that is about enough for today. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

King George Lace and Cable Cardi

 I started this cardi last evening  It is Lace and Cables Cardigan.. It can be found on Ravelry and is from All Free Knitting.  I am making it out of King George yarn which has been discontinued, so I hope I have enough.  
This shows about 2 sections of the pattern and 1 repeat.  It is a pretty easy knit and kind of quick.  Of course when you go from a lace weight yarn to a worsted weight it makes your knitting seem to fly off the needles. :)  
I have 20 50 gram balls of it so I think I am going to be totally ok, but I am not going to tempt the knitting gods by saying  I will.  Time will tell. 
It is a gloomy rainy day here so the pic is not the best but it is what I could do and I really wanted to post a pic before I forgot about it.  

Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Lacy Scarf

I started this scarf about a week ago and have enjoyed working on it.  The pattern is Charismatic Knit Scarf.  I am using Pattons Lacette.  This is a fine mohairy yarn that I purchased many moons ago and could not decide what to make with it.  Now I have. 

 This is about 9 1/2 inches done and I have used almost all of 1 ball which is 50 g.  Luckily I have several more balls of it.  I originally bought enough to make a sweater and have gone off the idea of a mohair sweater, so I guess a lacy scarf.