Monday, June 30, 2008


When I downloaded pics to the computer I discovered that I had taken one picture of the Llama day. It is my two girls with the llamas.
The one on the right is my daughter and the one on the left is my daughter-in-law (but she calls me Mother and my hubs Daddio because both of her parents are dead so she is our daughter also :) )

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mama Cat

Does this pose look familiar? This is Erica, Munch's Mama. Guess I know where he gets that stretch from.
It seems that all of my cats and hubby's dog, also, like Kate's bed. She seldom can get on it of an evening because another is on it. Kate is a gentle giant so she doesn't mind.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where are the pictures?

I went to Knitters Connection 2 weeks ago. I took pictures of the yarn that I had bought and also the yarn I got in my members bag. So where are the pictures? They are still on the camera. I just need to go get the cable out of the laptop bag and download them. I'll try to do that this evening.

My hubby and I joined Weight Watchers about a month ago. He has lost 20.2 pounds and I have lost 8.2 pounds. Not bad. At least we are doing this together which makes it way easier for me. I don't have to prepare 2 meals and since he also wanted to do this, he has to help me cook!! :)

(Hmmm, where did my smileys go? I'll have to look into that.)

Tomorrow hubby and I are taking a working trip down to VA to look at a job he took there. I enjoy these little trips. It gets him away from the office and I get to go too. YAY!!! I try to do some work while gone, but mostly I knit.

Back to work for now. Maybe more later this evening.

I'll leave you with a picture of Munch doing his favorite thing -- stretching out sleeping on Katie's bed.
He is my little sweety. He always wants lovings from Mom. I have had him since he was born and still have 1 of his brothers and their Mama.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I have been tagged...

The other day Marit tagged me for an alphabet game. Here goes:
A - alpaca yarn
B - bamboo yarn
C - cashmere yarn
D - delicious yarn
E - eyelets
F - front
G - gauge
H- heel
I - inset
J - jump ring
K - Katie
L - lace yarn
M - merino yarn
N - newbie
O - Opal yarn
P - purl stitch
Q - quaint
R - right side
S - slip stitch
T - Tofutsie yarn
U - undercoat
V - Volkswagon
W - wrong side
X - x-ray
Y - yarn over
Z - zigzag

There is my list. Hope I did as I was meant to. I kept going back from Marit's blog trying to find some instructions. Everyone did it in Norwegian!!! and I do not speak Norwegian. LOL

I tag Anni, Jane, and Silfert IF you ladies want to play along.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Llamas, llamas everywhere

I went to a Llama show with my kids last weekend because my girls were supposed to show some of them. Neither one of them had ever done this before or had even been around llamas that much so I thought that this was going to be a hoot.
When we got there the girls went to find the owner of the llamas that they are planning to purchase. The man took us out to the hauler and got 3 llamas out. He handed the leads to 2 of them to the girls and I ended up with the third. Hmmm, now how did this happen? It really was not much different that walking my 165 pound Saint Bernard, just the llama was a whole lot taller, like taller than me. Also, she kept trying to eat my hat. I had on a lace covered straw hat to keep the sun off of my head and it looked good enough to eat to her. When I would turn and tell her no, she would be looking of into the distance like she didn't even know I was there, let alone that she was trying to eat my hat.
It was interesting to watch the young kids show their llamas. They did some obstacle course things and some pack llama things. It was fun to watch but the barn was getting really hot and stuffy as it had come a downpour 2 or 3 times since we had gotten there and then the sun came out and it was steamy.
Around 11:30 my son told me that they were going to go get something to eat. I wasn't hungry so I told them I would just wait on them and please bring me back a bottle of water. They had just announced that the food booth was open so I just assumed that that was where my kids were going. I waited about 30 minutes and they had not come back so I decided to walk on over to the food booth just to move around and get off of the metal bleachers. Well, I could not find my kids. So I walked on over to where the llamas were and no kids. I wasn't too concerned until I went outside and the truck was gone. That really threw me for a loop! I got my trusty cell phone out and called my son. When he said hello I almosted yelled at him, "Where are you?!" He calmly said we told you we were going to get something to eat to which I replied, "I thought you were going to eat here." He just laughed at me. That was a really panicky feeling that here I was about 80 miles from home and no one was there to take me home. I knew absolutely NO ONE else there at the show! Well, they came back but just like kids there was no bottle of water for Mom.
When my hubby showed up around 1:30 I was more than ready to go home as it was hot and muggy and I had no comfy chair to sit on. Even if I had not wanted to go home hubby would have made me do so as I don't do heat very well and since I am still somewhat recovering he was not going to let me stay there in the heat. He had come straight from obedience training with his new dog so he could not stay either. It was too hot to leave Betsy in the truck and her lead was a web leash so if we had even wanted to just tie her to the truck we could not have as she would have chewed it in two to go find D. So home we went without getting to see the girls show.
Even though I left early I did not miss anything. They had so many more entries this year than last that the girls did not show. They were supposed to show around noon and by 3:30 they still had not and no one was sure when they would. They apologized to the owner but explained that they could not stay any longer. She understood and thanked them for trying.
It was a long day.