Friday, March 5, 2010

Socks, socks, and more socks......

Actually I think there are only 3 pair of socks, but that is ok. Yep, I just looked and there are 3 pair.

The first pair was made back in December. I wasn't thrilled with the yarn color so my DIL was the lucky recipient. When I was knitting on them here at the store she kept telling me that she really liked the colors, so I made them bigger and gifted them to her. The second picture of the brown socks shows Zeus. He used to be the store mascot until he started peeing in the floor because he was mad at us for not being here 24/7. He now has a nice home when he has people around him more often.

This next pair is a real joy to wear. I forget what the yarn is, I'll look and try to post it this weekend. They are really soft and warm. The pattern was from Wendy Johnson's first toe up book. Can't remember the name of that either. The brain has left the body. (edited-- I just remembered it was Cherry Tree Hill yarn, don't remember the colorway, just that it was a limited edition one)

This last pair is made from KnitPicks, and I think it is Pallette. The pattern is a mix of January and February Sockamania socks. I knew that there was no way I would finish them in Jan so I did the heel in Jan pattern and the leg in Feb pattern. Smart of me, wasn't it?

This is me and 2 of my knitting helpers. The black one really is not happy. He does not want Munch on Mom's lap. I "belong" to Cole. I am surprised that he allowed Munch to stay there as long as he did. That is why I had Dale take the pic. Cole usually does not allow any of the other cats to sit on my lap long enough for a picture.

I also have my lace stole to take a pic of . I will have to have some help with that one. It is all blocked, ends woven in and ready to wear. Maybe I will get someone to take a pic of it on me. We will see.


  1. Great socks!
    So nice to finally see a photo of you! Munch looks rather victorius- and Cole is sending us the evil eye...LOL!
    Take care, have a great weekend:-)