Friday, April 21, 2017

Hannah"s Monday

As you can see Hannah had a really hard day on Monday.  She just couldn't find the perfect place to sleep.  She was in a few more places I just didn't have the time to keep photographing her.  I had to get some work done. lol  This is what she is VERY good at doing, that and stealing the other fur babies food.  She is the littlest doggie but she seems to eat the most.  
I tried taking her for a walk today to try to start trimming her down but she was having none of it.  We went out the back door at the office and when we made it around to the front door she was ready to go back in.  I made her keep walking and when we got back around back she tried to go in then, but mean Mommy that I am I made her make the trip around the office building again.  I made her go around twice!!  Wasn't that mean of me?  Luckily for her it was a raining day Tuesday so she didn't have to walk.  Then I was out of town on Wednesday.  Yesterday I just forgot.  Guess if it quits raining today we will have a go at it again.

 This is what my Wednesday looked like.  D had to go to Mineral Wells, WV today to get some of his continuing ed in.  I opted to go on the "road trip" with him.  I sat in the dining area of a hotel most of the day.  I did go out to eat lunch (D's was provided by the continuing ed program). 
 I went down the street to a Wendy's and had a chicken sandwich.,  Now, I am not the most confident of drivers when I am out of my comfort zone so I was being really careful of what I was doing.  I got into the center turn lane and waited for traffic to clear and then promptly turned into the Wesbanco parking lot which was beside the hotel but of course did not have a pull through. 
So, I circled the building and managed to pull out on the roadway again, stayed in the turning lane and promptly pulled right back into the Wesbanco lot AGAIN!!  Good grief!  I laughed at myself, circled the building and tried again.  This time I made it out again ok and went down the street just a tad further and pulled into the hotel parking lot.  
I was beginning to think that I was in Parkersburg, WV.  I was going to meet D and had to go through Parkersburg and I circled there 3 times before I got into the correct lane. This was 20+ years ago but D still teases me about it.  
I was going to take a walk around the outside after lunch but it had started to rain so I waited in my van until it had slowed down and then went back inside and spent the afternoon playing Farmville Country Escape and working on my blue shawl.  I am not sure if I am on the 2nd or 3rd skein of yarn.  Whatever it is I still have a ways to go before it is finished.  I think it is about 18 inches and I want it to be at least 48.   So I will be knitting on this for a while yet. 

I frogged a summer top that I started several years ago.  I was never that happy with it and when I pulled it out to finish it I finished it in another way by frogging it.  I had used too large of a needle and it was all loose and floppy.  I may do it again with a smaller needle and see how I like it.  

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