Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Thank you, Son....

Thanks to my wonderful son I think I now can get my pictures from my phone to my PC.  He has helped me several times but I think this time it finally clicked as to what I am to do. (Forget about iTunes and go straight to photos. :) )  Well, I got them to the PC but they came over as little blocks and I can't see what they are until I try to upload them on here.  Drat.  Back to the drawing board.
The doggie above is my little mini dapple daschund.  She spends her day under my desk in her cozy little bed. She is a tad bit on the tubby side.  She scarfs down her food then goes grazing for the other 2 dogs and the 3 cats leftovers.  Poor baby, guess she and I need to start taking walks to thin her down a bit again.  She really is too heavy right now.  

 The two pictures above are some llama that I spun up.  It was fiber from pets that my kids had at one time.  When I finish I will have 2 BIG bobbins of it.  Not sure of the weight right now or the length.  When I put it on the niddy noddy I will count the strands and figure it out.  It is soooo soft. Depending on where you look at it it is between a sport and a worsted.  I am not totally consistent with my spinning just yet.
 These are a pair of fingerless mitts that I knit for a little friend of ours for Easter.  I'll be giving them to her this weekend when we see her.
 Socks made out of Sockotta in cotton, wool, and nylon.  Not crazy about them and the pic is really pretty lousy, but there you have it.  I made the toe bed too wide and I messed up a row (the stripe you see about 12 rows into the design).  I used the Decathlon Socks pattern.  An easy pattern to do but I was knitting them in dark brown in dark light and just messed it up  Decided it would be inside my shoe so not worth ripping back.  It will bug me forever now. lol

The fronts of the Cables and Lace Cardi.  It is all knit up now.  I blocked it last evening and am waiting for it to dry.  I'll probably be sewing it up on the road.  Oh, well.   
My beautiful little Coley.  Just playing with a dish scrubby that I just finished crocheting and he took off with. 
Mitts for another little friend.  They are sisters so the color is the same just different pattern and size.

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