Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pictures...what pictures?

I made sure to take pictures this morning of what I have been knitting on and also what I just plied.  Then I tried to transfer them to my computer from my phone and they just did not go.  Guess I will use my regular camera this evening and try again in the morning.

I had planned on knitting on the sleeves of my cardi last evening but then my spinning wheel started calling my name, and it just kept getting louder until I had to go see what it wanted.  It wanted the llama plied that I had spun a few months ago.  So....that is what I did last evening.  I had hoped to have a picture to post today, but guess not. 

I also took some baby camel, tussah silk off of the niddy noddy and made a hank out of it.  I was going to take a pic of it but forgot.  I had spun it for my DIL and I took it to her to show her last evening and she kept it to enjoy until we decided what I was going to make out of it for her.  (My son said I needed to make a King sized blanket out of it.  I asked, for a Barbie doll?) There is only 2 ounces so whatever it is won't be very big.  It is probably spun at about a sport weight.   My DIL had bought the fiber about 6 or so years ago and I just kept putting off spinning it because it was so slick. 
I finally decided to just go for it and see how it went.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it also wasn't a breeze to spin.  I am fairly new to spinning.  I have had my wheel since March of 2009 but I have not spun consistently with it.  I might spin for a month or two and then not touch it for several months.  Not a good way to become really good at it.  

Hopefully back with pictures tomorrow.  :)

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