Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Sweater Continues........

Boy did I mess up!!  I was merrily knitting along on the fronts, so proud of myself because I was doing them both at the same time.  After about 4 pattern repeats I realized that I was NOT doing the cable on the very last 6 stitches on the right side.  I waffled about it for a time and decided that I had to rip out the cable part and redo it.  I have too much money invested in the yarn and time in the sweater to finish it as is and let it lay in a drawer forever.  So I bravely took a deep breath and laid it aside until evening.  
After work I picked it up and placed a needle in the approximate row that I needed to frog back to and began taking out the stitches.  I was going to take a picture but I didn't want to get up out of my chair and maybe mess something up.  I had to put the first cable in about 3 times as I either ended up with too much yarn left over or didn't have enough to finish the stitches.  At one point I even started knitting on the wrong edge of the 6 stitches and had a royal mess going on.  I finally got my head on straight and got my tension just right so I was able to get them done.  Knit 11 rows in stockinette and then do a front cable cross repeat and go on.  It is all done and looks just fine!  I am happy with it and will definitely be able to wear this sweater. If you look at the left edge of the top picture (by the yellow and red thingy) you can see that I did not cross the cables. Boo Hiss  

 Now you can see that I have done the cables on the pic below and see that they look just like the others.  Yay Me!!
 Just because.. a back side view of the fixed cables. 

I have no idea why I was not doing them from the beginning but I wasn't.  I have done probably 2 more sets of pattern repeat and it is looking very nice.  I hope to finish this in time to wear it a few times this year.  
What are you knitting on?

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